G1 Starter Set with Matching Diaper- WATERMELON

G1 Watermelon G1 Premium-WEB
G1 Watermelon - Front-WEBG1 Watermelon - Side-WEBG1 Watermelon G1 Premium-WEBWATERMELON DIAPER FRONT_NEWWATERMELON DIAPER BACK_NEWG1 Watermelon package - Front-WEB
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Designed to gently support your infants head and chin while the body is immersed in water, allowing for free movement of arms and legs which in turn helps to develop water treading skills. Dual air chambers and buckles for safety. Auditory bells in both chambers to stimulate the senses. The Starter Set includes a matching re usable water diaper designed with 3 adjustable settings around legs and waist and quality 3-layer protection with an impermeable inner membrane to prevent accidents from escaping.

- G1 Swimava Starter Ring, Washable & Adjustable Matching Swimava Swim Diaper, Pump & Safety Guide all included in our Unique Wet Bag.
- Suitable for infants enjoying water time in bathtubs and baby friendly pools or in our P1 and P2 Swimava Baby Pools.
- Suitable ages 1-18 months.  Up to 15 kgs
- Arrives in 2-4 Business days via DHL.
- Shipping fee is not included in advertised pricing.
**Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!**
- Buy any 3 or more and use 'SAVE10' percent discount code at Checkout!


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